Samsung QD-OLED pre-orders are officially open, ships by April 15th

Samsung S95B QD-OLED TV
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung's new QD-OLED 55-inch S95B 4K TV is now available for pre-order from Samsung's website for $2200 and should ship by 15th April 2022. You can also pick up the 65-inch version for $3000 if you're looking for a larger set.

As a note, while this new Samsung TV is the company's first QD-OLED set, which is theoretically a major leap forward in display technology, Samsung has decided to simply call it an OLED TV. If you were searching for 'QD-OLED' in the product description, you won't find it, with Samsung instead referring to "Quantum HDR OLED".

The Samsung S95B has familiar features like 4K@120Hz and HDR10+ support, Dolby Atmos, Bluetooth 5.2, WiFi 5, and a ton of smart features on top of sporting a sleek, edgeless modern design, but the big new thing when it comes to the Samsung S95B is the QD-OLED technology of the display itself.

Samsung developed QD-OLED technology, though Sony was the first to bring the tech to market with the Sony A95K. OLEDs are known for their rich, dark blacks, while Quantum Dot (QD) displays are known for their vivid colors and exceptional brightness, and QD-OLED displays aim to have the best of both worlds.

QD-OLED technology is still very new, so exactly how much of an improvement it will bring compared to the best QD and best OLED TVs remains to be seen, but during our Sony A95K hands on, we were impressed with what we saw and expect the tech to play an important role in TVs of the future.

So, if you're looking to be one of the first to pick up this next-generation TV, you may want to act fast and pre-order now. We'll be getting the Samsung S95B in our test rooms shortly, so stay tuned for our full in-depth review!


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