Radioplayer's new in-car digital adapter announced

The device scans DAB, DAB+, FM and internet sources and automatically selects the best platform on which to listen to a specific station – whether it's a BBC station or commercial alternative.

If the signal is lost, the device will then switch to another platform so you can continue listening to your favourite station e.g. if the Radio 1 DAB signal is lost, it'll switch to the FM or other platform.

Radioplayer – the online platform run by the BBC and commercial radio – has developed the device in partnership with Connects2, with safety described as a "key factor" in the design process.

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The device sits behind the dashboard and is controlled using a smartphone app. With the smartphone placed in a dashboard cradle, the app then acts as the radio interface.

Drivers can swipe the screen to navigate through pre-set stations, with a voice identifying each station so you can keep your eyes on the road. Tap the screen and it stops and restarts the radio.

You'll also be able to stream your music connection using a Bluetooth connection, take calls and listen to inbound text messages, as well as receive travel news based on your GPS location.

Radioplayer's Michael Hill said: "Simplicity has always been one of the great joys of our medium, and we want to work with chip manufacturers, car companies, and audio firms to re-simplify radio."

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