Q Acoustics launches all-new 2000i Series speaker range

Just announced by Q Acoustics is a complete new speaker range, the 2000i Series, described by category manager Tony Jones as not only 'clearly our best ever range', but also 'sonically the best affordable speakers ever produced.'

That's going some, but then the speaker are designed to improve on the 2000 Series, Jones explaining that 'the only way to achieve this goal was to investigate and then exploit the very latest breakthroughs in materials technology'

The company says that every part of the new speakers, which hit the shops next month, has been custom-designed. A new 25mm tweeter is fitted across the range, using a multilayer diaphragm material, and being mounted into the baffle using what the company describes as 'super-decoupling'.

For the mid/bass units the company is using a new cone material, replacing the previous paper/mica mix with ceramic coated paper and carbon fibre. The gains are said to be sweeter treble, improved imaging and a wider soundstage from the tweeter, and a cleaner, more open sound with faster transients from the woofer.

The crossovers have also been improved, the terminals are mounted on a recessed plate on they bottom of the cabinet, and there's a choice of standard black or walnut finishes or, at a premium price, piano black or white.

The range kicks off with the 2010i, at £120/pr (or £160 in the premium finishes), and using that 25mm tweeter with a 10cm mid/bass driver

Above that sits the 2020i, which has a 12.5cm woofer. Selling at £160 or £200/pr, it's tested in the November issue of the magazine, on sale on September 23rd.

The 2050i is the only floorstander in the range, using the standard tweeter and a pair of 16.5cm mid/bass units in an extensively braced enclosure just over a metre tall.

It sells for £420/pr, with the premium finishes adding an extra £130.

There's also a centre speaker, the 2000Ci, using the tweeter and two 10cm mid/bass drivers, and selling for £105/£130.

Meanwhile the 2070si subwoofer uses a 140W amp and two long-throw 17cm woofers, and sells for £250/£300.

Accessories available include the 2000WB wall bracket, at £17.50 each, and the ST2000 floorstands for the smaller speakers, at £85/pr.

You'll also be able to buy the speakers in a 5.1-channel surround pack, comprising four 2010is, the 2000Ci centre and the 2070si subwoofer, which will sell for £595 in the standard finishes, and £750 in piano black or white.

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