Now available, update 3.30 supports forthcoming games, adds bitstream audio options and will allow PC operation

Now available is Sony's first 3D update for the PS3. Update 3.30, which you can download here, means the machine now supports 3D stereoscopic games.

But there's a slight hitch: as the official site explains, "At the time of the system software release, there are no 3D stereoscopic games available for the PlayStation 3 system. The release of 3D stereoscopic games will be announced at a later date."

Of course, you'll also need a 3D TV, but Sony's compatible sets aren't due in the shops until June. So the update is kind of ahead of its time.

What else do you get? Well, you can now select 'PC' as an option under Remote Play Options, allowing the PS3 system to be operated from PCs. Or rather from "future models of the Vaio PC"  more details of this feature will become available next month.

Oh, and you now have a choice of Bitstream (Direct) or Bitstream (Mix) as Blu-ray audio output formats, and there's some stuff to do with the way you can sort trophies. And you can now see trophies you don't yet have as hidden trophies, rather than as '???'.Follow on Twitter

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