Prices announced for Yamaha's new RX-V75-series AV receivers, starting from £250

UPDATE: Yamaha has announced prices for its 2013 RX-V75 AV receiver range, first reported here three weeks ago. Prices start from £250, and there's a bonus model complete with built-in DAB radio tuner, the RX-V500D.

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UK tuning again features, Yamaha saying that 'The UK Tuning project was an immense success last year and we aim to continue this project with the RX-V75 series: the RX-V675 will be tuned for the UK market, showing that Yamaha pays particular attention to the "UK sound".'

Other models in the range will also feature a UK tuning upgrade.

In addition to the models announced in the States, there's that extra model, the RX-V500D. It will have similar features to others in the line-up, such as 4k pass through, Airplay ,vTuner connectivity and a front-panel well as MHL input, but also has a built-in DAB radio tuner with 40 presets.

Prices and availability for the new models are as follows: in the shops this month are:

RX-V375 - £250

RX-V475 - £350

RX-V575 - £450

Coming in May are:

RX-V675 - £500

RX-V775 - £650

In June the RX-V500D will arrive, at £400.

Also available in June will be the YBA-11 Bluetooth receiver for the new receivers: selling for £50, it joins the £90 YWA-10 Wi-Fi add-on , which is already in the shops.

Posted 11.03.13

Yamaha USA has launched the five models in its 2013 RX-V range of AV receivers. Prices start from $300, and even the entry-level model uses discrete amplification instead of cheaper chip-amps, while all but the entry-level model has a front-panel MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) input for HD video content.

Prices start at $300 for the RX-V375, which is already appearing in US shops, with the $450 RX-V475, $550 RX-V575 and $650 RX-V675 (above) due on sale by the end of this month. The flagship of the range, the $850 RX-V775WA, will be available from next month, and comes bundled with Yamaha's $100 YWA-10 Wi-Fi adaptor (below).

That adaptor can also be bought as an add-on for all the network-capable models – RX-V475 and above – as can a $70 Bluetooth dongle, the YBA-11, also usable with previous Yamaha receivers.

All five models offer 3D and 4K Ultra HD passthrough. plus Audio Return channel, on their HDMI connections, memory for HDMI settings for all connected sources, 'Scene' buttons to switch on the receiver in a preset mode, and a subwoofer adjustment allowing bass level to be increased without disturbing the crossover settings.

The range also has familiar Yamaha features including the company's Cinema DSP processing. Silent Cinema for use with headphones and YPAO calibration.

Yamaha RX-V375: $300

The entry-level model in the range, the RX-V375 is a 5.1-channel design with discrete amplification on all five channels, 5x70W output, four HDMI inputs and one output, and 192kHz/24-bit Burr Brown DACs on all channels. It has a USB socket on the front panel for iOS devices and thumb-drives.

Other facilities include a power-saving ECO Mode, reducing consumption by about 20%, and selectable auto power down.

Yamaha RX-V475: $450

The RX-V475 is the first of Yamaha's four new networked models, and like all the rest of the range offers DLNA streaming up to 192kHz/24-bit FLAC or WAV, Apple AirPlay, internet radio and streaming services, and control via Yamaha's AV Controller app on iOS, Androd and Kindle Fire devices.

A 5.1-channel design, it delivers 5x80W. and has five HDMI inputs and a single output, plus that MHL input, which allows video up to 1080p with multichannel audio to be played from portable devices through the receiver to connected displays.

Yamaha RX-V575: $550

The 7.2-channel RX-V575 is the first of the new Yamaha models to have dual subwoofer outputs as well as seven channel working, and also offers Zone 2 output or biamping of the front left and right speakers in 5.1- or 5.2-channel systems.

Otherwise its specification is similar to that of the RX-V475.

Yamaha RX-V675: $650

The top two models in the new range build on the 4K passthrough capability of all the new Yamahas by adding 4K upscaling, and have intelligent assignable amplifiers, allowing the user to switch between front presence and Zone 2 speakers without changing connections. In addition, they offer app control of Zone 2.

Rhapsody streaming is also added, as is Yamaha Cinema DSP 3D processing, with a dialogue lift function designed to make voices more intelligible without affecting the rest of the surround set-up.

The RX-V675 has seven channels of amplification built-in, rated at 90W per channel. It has six HDMI inputs (one on the front panel) and one output.

Yamaha RX-V775WA: $850

On the way in April is the flagship of the new RX-V range, offering six HDMI inputs and two outputs, and a 7.2-channel design offering 95W all round. It comes bundled with that YWA-10 wireless network adapter.

The new models are already listed on Yamaha's UK site, but prices are yet to be announced: we'll update as soon as we have UK pricing.

Written by Andrew Everard

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