Philips 21:9 TV
We now have UK release dates and additional technical specs for Philips's 2009 range of flatscreen TVs

We've already reported on the entire new line-up of Philips TVs coming out for 2009, but now we have more details of their UK release dates and technical specs.

A decision on prices is being left to the last minute due to currency fluctuations, says a Philips spokesman.

The first 5000-series sets arrive in April, with the rest following through May, June and July, as follows:

32PFL5404 – April/May          

37/42/47PFL5604 - April/May:       

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Perfect Pixel HD5ms response50,000:1 contrast69 billion colours3 x HDMI

32/42/47/52PFL7404 – May/June:    

Pixel Precise HD100Hz - 3ms response80,000:1 contrast4 trillion colours4 x HDMISlim chassis and bezel

32/42/47PFL8404 – June                

Pixel Precise HD100Hz - 3ms response80,000:1 contrast4 trillion coloursAmbilight  2 – two segmentSlim chassis & bezelNet TV    4 x HDMI

32/37 PFL9604 – June           

Perfect Pixel HD100Hz – 2ms response2250 trillion colours80,000:1 contrastAmbilight 2 – four segmentNet TV (wi-fi)Visible speakers5 x HDMIDLNA connectivity                            42/47 PFL9664 – June           

Perfect Pixel HD200Hz -1ms response2250 trillion colours80,000:1 contrastAmbilight 2  – four segmentNet TV (wi-fi)Visible speakersThin chassis – 29mm DLNA connectivity40PFL9704 – July           

Perfect Pixel HD200Hz -1ms response2250 trillion coloursLed Lux – 16 x 10 segments = 1440     5,000,000:1 contrastAmbilight 3 – four segment sides, three segments topNet TV (wi-fi)Visible speakers                    DLNA connectivity                    5 x HDMI

Cinema 21:9 – June           

56in 21:9 screen – 2560 x 1080Perfect Pixel HD200Hz - 1ms response2250 trillion colours80,000:1 contrastAmbilight 3  – four segment sides, five segments topNet TV (wi-fi)Visible speakersDLNA connectivity5 x HDMI