Philips announces ActionFit range of sports headphones

The SHQ1300 (pictured) is the entry-level pair in the range, costing £20. They use a shark-finned design and come with three different sizes of cushioned caps. They’re fitted with 13.6mm neodymium speaker drivers and an “energy boost” function, which is claimed to deliver “extra bass to pump up your workout”. They’re the lightest pair in the range, coming in at just five grams.

Spend an extra five pounds and you can get the SHQ2300, which use a “wind noise proof” in-ear design and again come with three sizes of cushioned caps. They’re fitted with 8.6mm neodymium drivers and the same energy-boost function. They also feature a silicon stabiliser, which claims to provide a secure fit in the ear canal, ensuring they don’t move during a workout and are IPX4/7 waterproof rated.

The SHQ3300 are £30 and feature an adjustable ear-hook design. They too benefit from neodymium drivers and are IPX5/7 waterproof rated.

Finally, for £40, you can get your hands on the SHQ4300 neckband, which comes with three sizes of cushioned ear tips. It’s lightweight, at eight grams, and features neodymium drivers for “clear, powerful sound.” It’s IPX5/7 waterproof rated and promises to block out wind noise as well.

All four pairs feature a kevlar-reinforced cable and clip, as well as a carry pouch. All pairs are also available with an in-line microphone for answering calls, although these demand a £5 premium.

The entire range of Philips ActionFit sport headphones is available now.

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