Parrot DS1120
French-company Parrot has announced a series of new portable hi-fi products that major on Bluetooth as well as USB, 3.5mm minijack and NFC connectivity

Parrot paid us a visit today and unveiled a number of interesting portable products that are scheduled for release in the next few weeks.

As well as supporting Bluetooth technology – traditionally Parrot's speciality – the new products are some of the first to come NFC-enabled. NFC, or near field communication, is a wireless communication technology that enable fast transfer of information simply by placing two NFC-enabled products within 10cms of each other.

Parrot believes that NFC-led wireless connectivity will be the future method of choice, with not only audio products but all sorts of areas moving to NFC systems – think checking in at airports, public transport and paying for goods. Companies such as Visa and Transport for London are also developing NFC products.

The Parrot Party Black is the first NFC-enabled stereo speaker system in the world. Compatible with PCs, Macs, mobile phones and more, the unit can connect and play music from any Bluetooth device. Thanks to the free Bluetooth dongle, you can even add Bluetooth-support to any computer.

Choose to connect to any NFC-enabled device (there are around five mobiles on the market now, but with more to follow) and you'll be able to play your tunes back instantly, without the need for any pairing or entering of PIN codes.

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Also on the horizon are the new and improved DS1120 (£170, pictured) and the DS3120 (£150) speaker systems. Both have Bluetooth connectivity and inputs, while the DS3120 also has USB and SD card slots.

We'll be getting some product in very soon, so look out for the full lowdown in our October issue.