Onkyo brings high-resolution music download store to the UK

The good news for music fans on these shores is that the UK is one of that trio, together with the US and Germany. e-onkyo – or Onkyo Music as it's being called here – is provided by the manufacturer in partnership with 7digital.

Now available in beta mode over at onkyomusic.com, the service will soon be available via custom-built native apps for iOS and Android apps too. And in addition to its 24-bit tracks, there are millions of 16-bit, CD-quality tracks to choose from too.

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Onkyo Music's library covers a broad range of genres and is sourced from 7digital's catalogue of leading labels – including some genres that Onkyo says haven't previously been made available in high-resolution, such as rock, metal and Anime music.

The service is planning to make tracks and albums available "à la carte at competitive prices and in local currency". It means you will be able to buy a high-resolution album for the equivalent of $15-$20 and individual tracks for $3-$4 per song.

All the music you purchase from Onkyo Music will be stored in a cloud-based locker so you can download to multiple devices. "Unique" promotions are planned by Onkyo and 7digital, alongside "special features and unique editorial".

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Kevin Miyagi, president of Onkyo Entertainment Technology, said: "As one of the world's leading hi-fi/home theatre manufacturers, we can now provide music lovers with a full end-to-end high-res audio experience.

"Whether customers choose to listen on the move via headphones or at home via their stereo system or AV receiver, Onkyo wants them to be able to choose from the widest range of music, delivered – with the highest fidelity – to the devices they want to use."

7digital CEO Simon Cole added: "Onkyo has a history of being the first to market in Japan and a legacy of great innovation around superior audio systems. They are a fantastic partner to work with, and we are pleased to be a part of this new compelling offer."

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