From one extreme to the other: Max Payne and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

It’s been a mixed week for The Leisure Lab’s reviews, with Max Payne on Blu-ray earning itself a paltry one star, while It’s Blitz, the third studio album from New York art punks Yeah Yeah Yeahs has earned itself a five star rating.

While the original Max Payne game series has a BAFTA under it’s belt and a highly anticipated sequel on the way, none of its strength or excitement makes it to the screen in the movie adaptation.

Despite the presence of shootouts, special effects and Bond girls, it still manages to be astonishingly dull, with Mark Wahlberg once again trudging through a desultory, overlong plot.

From a technical standpoint the DTS-HD MA does justice to the truly impressive sound effects, and the special effects look fantastic, but those technical accomplishments can’t do anything to mitigate the film’s leaden direction. You can watch our Max Payne review here.

Fortunately, we’ve also had the It’s Blitz to listen to this week, and the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s ability to put down the guitars and relax the shrieking without losing any of their explosive vitality has had us hitting repeat over and over again. You can hear our It’s Blitz review here.