Olive 6HD
New £4600 model has 2TB hard drive, can handle content up to 192kHz/24-bit

Olive's latest music server, the range-topping 6HD, is now on sale in the UK. Selling for £4600 and with 2TB of internal storage, the new model has been designed 'with purity of sound as a priority'.

The 6HD uses fully balanced differential digital to analogue conversion, with a matched pair of 192kHz/24-bit DAC modules for each channels.

These give a signal to noise ratio of 124dB, and are partnered with an ultra-low-jitter master clock and an output stage designed for flat frequency response and ultra low distortion and noise.

In addition the Olive offers a sample-rate converter for lower audio standards, able to upsample them to 24-bit/384kHz for high-frequency purity and low-level detail, while the headphone section has its own DAC and amplifier.

The unit has separate power supplies for analogue and digital sections, the 2TB internal drive is mounted on eight layers of noise-cancelling padding, and the whole chassis is floated on two-part feet made from a special polymer.

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Hand-built by Olive in San Francisco, the 6HD has a 10.1in glass touchscreen on the top panel of the aluminium 'shell', allowing access to a library of up to 20,000 HD tracks or 6000 CDs stored at full WAV quality.

Both balanced XLRs and conventional phono outputs are provided, along with electrical, optical and AES/EBU digital outs, and other connectivity extends to USB, Ethernet and two Wi-Fi, plus an HDMI output for video, allowing the menu displays and album artwork to be shown on a connected TV or projector.

The 6HD can also stream internet radio, deliver music to the company's 02M Multi-Room Player elsewhere in the home, and can be controlled by an Apple iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone running the company's free app.

Olive is distributed in the UK by Henley Designs.

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