Noble Audio Prestige claimed to be "the world's most luxurious in-ear monitors"

If you want a pair of custom-made in-ear headphones made from a choice of exotic materials, Noble Audio has the answer.

It can now supply its Prestige range of in-ear monitors in hand-crafted woods, carbon glass (pieces of 12mm carbon fibre infused with various colours and metallic finishes to give a glass-like appearance) or honeycomb and aluminium webbing.

They're developed from Noble Audio's custom K10 and universal fit K10U (£999) headphones, and feature the same 10-driver balanced armature technology.

To create a pair of Prestige headphones, Noble uses a 3D scanning process to collect 2.5 million points of data for each ear. The mould is then created by hand in a process that takes up to 30 hours, and hollowed out to accommodate the driver assembly and internal components.

Each set of Noble Audio Prestige in-ears comes with a crush-proof carrying case (called Storm Box), a cleaning tool, a detachable two-pin cable and has a two-year warranty.

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Andy Clough

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