NEWS: KEF hatches brand new 'eggs'

KEF has announced a plethora of new systems to join its KIT range of 'Instant Theatre' systems. From solutions that aim to deliver surround sound from just two front speakers, to KEF's trademark 'egg' 5.1 systems, all look to major on style, simplicity of use and sterling sonic performance. If the previous 'egg' incarnations are anything to go by, we suggest KEF might just be able to deliver on those promises...

Kicking-off the new range is the KIT120 (see below). Retailing at £1200, it boasts just two speakers but aims to deliver a fully immersive sound by combining vertical NXT radiator speakers – to generate rear and centre channels – with the infamous Uni-Q driver – capable of much wider dispersion than your average driver.

The KIT140 and KIT160 systems go for the 'more is more' approach, offering seven and eleven drivers respectively in each floorstanding column speaker. Again, the Uni-Q array technology is at the heart of the speakers, hoping to disperse the sound and replicate the missing rear speakers. These two systems will retail at £1500 and £2000.

Next in line are three examples of the KEF 'egg' 5.1 system. The KIT510, KIT520 (pictured, top) and KIT530 all join the 'egg' nest, each offering slightly larger takes on the speakers than the previous model.

The '510 comes with 7.5cm Uni-Q drivers, the '520 with 10cm arrays and the '530 with 11.5cm drivers complete with sealed suspension technology and a dedicated centre channel. These three systems will sell for £1300, £1500 and £1700 respectively.

Completing the initial line-up are the KIT540 and KIT550. The '540 offers five slender floor or wall-mountable speakers that each incorporate 7.5cm long-throw bass drivers alongside a Uni-Q driver – it's yours for £2000. The KIT550 meanwhile boasts a Uni-Q array complete with four midrange/bass drivers per speaker, and will retail for £2500.

Also on the horizon are wireless versions of the KIT530 and KIT540 systems. These, the KIT570W (See left) and the KIT580W, will each feature wireless signal transmission to the rear speakers.

Exciting news then from KEF. We'll be doing our level best to bring you reviews of the new systems very soon...

Joe Cox
Content Director

Joe is the Content Director for What Hi-Fi? and Future’s Product Testing, having previously been the Global Editor-in-Chief of What Hi-Fi?. He has worked on What Hi-Fi? across the print magazine and website for almost 20 years, writing news, reviews and features on everything from turntables to TVs, headphones to hi-fi separates. He has covered product launch events across the world, from Apple to Technics, Sony and Samsung; reported from CES, the Bristol Show, and Munich High End for many years; and written for sites such as the BBC, Stuff, and the Guardian. In his spare time, he enjoys expanding his vinyl collection and cycling (not at the same time).