NEWS: Ixos wall mounts take the strain

Wondering how to mount you shiny new plasma or LCD on a wall? Then you'll be needing a sturdy wall-mount bracket.

Ixos has two that might fit the bill, the £350 Overture XHM464 and £450 Overture XHM468. They're made of die-cast aluminium and steel, with built-in cable management, and enable the screen to be extended from the wall, angled and tilted.

The larger XHM468 is designed for screens up to 65in and weighing a maximum of 90kg, while the smaller XHM464 fits screens up to 48in with a maximum weight of 70kg.

Both use Ixos's patented Easy Touch mechanism for easy movement of the screen, and the company claims installation will only take 15 minutes. An easy-levelling system enables the bracket to be adjusted to ensure the TV is level, even if the holes in the wall are slightly askew.

If you'd like to see a video demonstration, click here.

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Andy Clough

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