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NEWS: Hitachi's Ultra Thin TVs out next month

Hitachi's Ultra Thin range of TVs are all set for release in the UK next month, so says Comet, one of the stores that will be first to stock the slim-line sets.

There will be three LCDs released, in 32, 37 and 42in forms, each of which will measure just 39mm deep (not including the pesky, measurement-busting pedestal stand).

There's an external tuner box planned for release in October, which will deliver TV tuners plus more video inputs.

For the moment these are almost just a 'panel' – the specs we've seen so far make no mention of an on-board tuner on these sets, and the screens only boast one HDMI input.

The 32in will be a 1366 x 768 resolution panel, though supposedly capable of dealing with a 1080p/24fps content, complete with one HDMI input – other details remain sketchy on the UT32MH70E.

Both the larger sets have a 1920 x 1080, Full HD resolution, but again – so the specifications we've seen indicate – the UT37MX70E and the UT42MX70E only appear to have the one HDMI input.

Details seem tentative (the ones we've seen had an 'n' in the HD-Ready column, which we naturally assume is wrong), but Comet seems confident that it will have the screens ready for sale some time in May.

In the meantime, we will just have to settle for a good look at the pictures...

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