NEWS: Heroes to help HD DVD?

Sci-fi TV show Heroes registered record-breaking viewing figures on BBC2 and BBC HD last night, and soon it could be helping HD DVD to similar success.

In a further boost to the HD DVD camp in its high-definition disc battle against Blu-ray, Microsoft has announced plans to cut the cost of the HD DVD drive add-on to its Xbox 360 games console.

Heroes: Season 1 will be released on August 28th as a web-enabled HD DVD package, including access to exclusive downloads, a Heroes Abilities Test, The Helix Revealed, Character Connections and Picture-in-Picture Commentary.

Fans watching the Heroes HD DVDs via their Xbox 360 add-on player will also be able to download trailers, teaser scenes and other content. And talking of the Xbox.. Microsoft has cut the US price of the console's optional HD DVD player to $179. No news yet of a similar UK price cut.

So, Will Heroes be the disc to help HD DVD battle Blu-ray? Or will that be left to Captain James T Kirk ?

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