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NEWS: Exclusive - InFocus slashes prices

After a brilliant bargain projector? Then you're in luck. Thanks to some tempting price-cutting from InFocus, the company's excellent IN76 and IN78 units are now even more appealing.

From today, now, this instant, the InFocus IN76 will retail at £999, down from £1400. Lest we forget, this was our Product of the Year at the 2006 Awards.

It is of course HD-Ready, boasts DVI and HDMI inputs, and is capable of outputting video at resolutions of up to 720p/1080i and of a very high quality for the money.

Also reduced is the InFocus IN78. This similarly specified projector also received a five-star rating for its generally sublime performance, and it now retails at £1499 as opposed to £2000. We suggest you hunt one down...