NEWS: Denon gives high-end in-ear headphones a shot

Denon is launching its first in-ear headphones, and aiming for the high end of the mobile music market. The £140 AH-C700 headphones are of a high-quality 'metal bullet' design, with machined aluminium housings available in either black or silver. Soft silicone adapters are provided in three sizes to ensure the Denons fit snugly into the ears, isolating external sound and ensuring you get all of the music. Designed by the same engineers who work on the company's high-end CD players, the AH-C700 has a bass response tuned to give a slightly warm sound, and also claims a rich, smooth presentation with a detailed top end. 11mm drive units, a rear-venting port at the tip of the 'bullet', and audiophile cables complete the package, and the headphones have been designed for high efficiency, prolonging the battery life of the device with which they're used and avoiding distortion. They weigh just 6.6g.

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