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NEWS: 2008 Pioneer DVD range includes £60 starter model, £150 SACD player and three DVD recorders

Pioneer’s four-strong DVD player line-up offers something for everyone. The entry-level DV-310 (£60) features a high-speed USB 2.0 terminal backed by DiVX support, and is claimed to offer an ultra-fast response time (from power up to ready-to-play) of just 3 seconds.

The DV-310 is joined by the £90 DV-410V, which adds HDMI out and 1080p video scaling to the mix.

Next up is the £150 DV-610AV. This universal player, with DVD-A and SACD replay in addition to the usual disc-replay mix, allows for CD to USB recording via its front-mounted USB socket. Put a disc in the Pioneer’s player, and you can rip it to USB, making it very easy to make your music mobile. It’ll also stream DSD (SACD audio) from its HDMI socket.

At the top end, the flagship DV-LX50, much admired in this parish, remains in production, although Pioneer comments it’s now likely to cost £300 or so, rather than the £500 we first reviewed it at. Bargain.

All three of Pioneer’s DVD recorders are multifunction devices. The entry-level model in the range, the £350 DVR-560HX includes multiformat support and playback, coupled to a 12-bit/108MHz video DAC, Freeview Plus, 1080p video upscaling and HDMI.

It’s a flexible editing deck, offering both DV and USB sockets for connecting external devices, a USB keyboard input, and a Home Gallery system via instant access via the remote control. It’ll also handle DiVx, JPEG, MP3 and WMA, and is backed by the Gracenote compact disc database.

Next up is the ultra-stylish DVR-LX61D. This gloss black design is styled to match in with Pioneer’s Kuro kit, and includes a 250GB hard-disk, coupled (crucially) to an Ethernet socket.

That means it can automatically update its Gracenote compact disc database to take account of new album releases, and it also means you can connect your PC in for ‘drag’n’drop’ transfer of music files, pictures and more. Out in June, it’s set to cost £500, and features MPEG4/AAC support, DiVX storage and playback and (of course) 1080p video output via HDMI.

Finally, the top of the line DVR-LX70D carries on, although reduced a little in price to £800 or so. This 500GB beastie includes 1080p/HDMI out, multiformat recording and replay, DivX playback and a DV input.

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Joe Cox
Joe Cox

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