Newest iPad Mini hits lowest ever price

Apple iPad Mini 6 (2021)
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The 2021 iPad Mini just hit its lowest price ever on Amazon, coming in at a massive 20% off and bringing the 64GB Wi-Fi iPad Mini down to just $400.

It's 2022, but the 2021 iPad Mini (also called the iPad Mini 6) is still the latest iPad Mini. We gave the 2021 iPad Mini five-stars in our review, loving its premium build quality, dynamic sound, and impressive display.

2021 iPad Mini 20% off on Amazon deal

iPad Mini 2021: $500 $400 at Amazon (save $100)

iPad Mini 2021: $500 $400 at Amazon (save $100)

The iPad Mini 2021 comes packed with excellent build quality, engaging sound, and a punchy display. With all the conveniences of iPadOS and Apple's App Store, too, the iPad Mini is an excellent tablet.

As tablets seem to continue to get larger, a good compact tablet can feel like more and more of a pipe dream, but not when it comes to the 2021 iPad Mini. This little tablet brings with it all the hallmark features of modern iPads in a smaller package.

Like its big brothers and sisters, the iPad Mini 2021 feels premium and has excellent build quality. Its 8.3in display is bright and detailed, offering up punchy contrast and rich blacks for an LCD panel. Plus, the iPad Mini 2021 sounds fantastic with impressive clarity and precision on top of a wide, open soundstage.

You'll find all the familiar conveniences of iPadOS with the Mini, too. Stream from all your favorite sites, download whatever apps, and feel free to use Apple tech like AirPlay or ApplePay to your heart's content. Plus, the hardware inside the iPad Mini 2021 is more than powerful enough for casual gaming.

The iPad Mini line may not offer up the most powerful iPads ever designed, but the 2021 iPad Mini is a beautiful, high-quality tablet that can handle almost anything you throw at it with ease. If you're looking for a good tablet that will last but don't want to break the bank, consider picking up an iPad Mini while supplies last.


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