Arcam rCube
All-in-one speaker system is portable, will also stream music wirelessly from computer

This is Arcam's £500 rCube iPod speaker system, making its debut here at the Munich High End Show, and due in the shops in the next few months.

The system has a dock on the top under a flip-up lid, which also reveals a carrying handle: powered by an onboard rechargable lithium-ion battery, the system should be good for eight hours use at modest volumes, or four at full whack, and can also be run/recharged from the mains.

As well as the dock, which works with all iPods up to the latest iPhones, the rCube has an auxiliary input, and can also stream wirelessly from a computer, using a built-in receiver working on the Kleer streaming system.

You'll need to buy an add-on USB dongle transmitter for your computer, though: this will cost around £75. But with this wireless in place, you can also daisychain several rCubes together around the house, with each one having both receive and transmit capability.

The rCube has 2x50W Class D amplification onboard, and uses opposed woofers plus a tweeter for each channel.

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The Kleer wireless system is also an option for the Arcam DAC, which is now nearer to the shops: it'll sell for £299 as standard, uses 24-bit 192kHz Wolfson conversion, and will also be available at £375 with the wireless capability.

Arcam also demonstrated its forthcoming Blu-ray player at the show: it's said to be on the way in August, at a price thought to be in the region of £1000.

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