Monster Miles Davis tribute 'phones
New limited edition in-ear 'phones world's first audio product to be endorsed by Miles Davis family

On the way at the end of next month are Monster's Miles Davis Tribute headphones, which will sell for £230.

The in-ear design is the first audio product to carry the name of the legendary jazzman, and will come in a numbered limited edition.

The headphones have a gold/brass finish recalling Davis's trumpet, and have a silhouette of the musician and his signature on the earpiece.

The cable is, of course, a 'kind of blue', and the headphones will come with an 'instrument case' holder and a copy of the 50th anniversary box set of Kind of Blue containing two CDs, a DVD and a 24-page booklet. They also carry a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Monster boss Noel Lee says that “We're all music lovers and critical audiophiles here at Monster, and our goal with these Miles Davis Tribute headphones was to literally elevate the personal music listening experience with a product capable of reproducing the many subtle shadings and dynamics of all types of music, including the unmistakable Miles sound, with a style and design that is the 'essence of cool'."

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