Microsoft has revealed that Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox operating systems could be changing, with plans to bring together all three into a single, cross-platform operating system when the next version is released.

The news came from chief executive officer Satya Nadella, who confirmed the move in Microsoft's quarterly earnings call for the three months ending 30th June – a quarter in which revenues increased 18 per cent to $23bn, compared to last year.

Nadella said: "We are investing in ways that will ensure our Device OS and first party hardware align to our core. We will streamline the next version of Windows from three Operating Systems into one, single converged Operating System for screens of all sizes."

It's not yet clear what the move will mean in practice, but Nadella has indicated that a sole operating system would deliver benefits from a retail, development and user perspective. It also delivers the potential for apps that work across all Windows platforms.

The announcement comes after the corporation revealed it would be cutting up to 18,000 jobs – including 12,500 from Nokia's former mobile phone arm, as well as closing Xbox Entertainment Studios and ending Android smartphone production.

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I thought nokia phones used a

I thought nokia phones used a version of windows 8 operating system, so i'm not exactly sure why this is news ? unless of course it's to do with the xbox getting a new operating system, i've heard microsoft will be releasing a new operating system next year so i exspect it will all happen then.

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This has worked so well with

This has worked so well with Windows 8, where they decided to launch the PC and tablet software as cross platform. NOT!