McIntosh's near-flagship XRT1.1K speakers boast 70 drivers

’Tis the season to spend, and if you can afford to do that in a big (no, huge) way let us draw your attention to McIntosh’s new speakers, the XRT1.1Ks.

’Scaled-down versions’ of the brand’s flagship XRT2.1K speakers, which utilise nano-carbon drivers and cost more than £135k, this new model has been designed to bring its big brother’s technologies to a smaller (35cm shorter), lighter (by 78kg) and more affordable (by £77,500) form.

The XRT1.1Ks have a four-way ported arrangement, and use a staggering total of 70 nanocarbon drive units in a line-array configuration that's made up of – deep breath – four bass drivers, two low-frequency mid-range drivers, 24 upper-frequency mid-range drivers and 40 tweeters. 

The bass and low-frequency midrange drivers from the XRT2.1K have been directly incorporated into the XRT1.1K.

McIntosh claims this number of drivers is capable of yielding a wide, well-stereo-imaged soundfield - we’d think so too! The company has worked hard to engineer a crossover that delivers an even frequency response over the entire audible range, too.

As for the cabinets, they are treated with a seven-layer high-gloss piano black finish and sit on a base plate made of machined aluminium and glass, while the matching magnetic speaker grilles sport a black-knit cloth with high-gloss trim.

The McIntosh XRT1.1Ks are available to order now priced at £59,995.


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