McIntosh launches the MC312, a £10K stereo power amplifier

McIntosh MC312

McIntosh's move from MC302 to MC312 is much more than just a subtle change of model number.

There'a been a number of significant upgrades across the board for the new model, both in terms of technologies used and features included.

Power remains the same at 300W, but the new model has double the filter capacity of the outgoing model. The knock-on effect of this is a 27% increase in dynamic headroom. Roughly translated. this should benefit the amp's audio performance.

Various circuit components have been upgraded, while the amp's internal wiring has been given an overhaul too.

Everything's housed inside a stainless steel chassis, which boasts a glass front panel with illuminated logo. And, of course, it wouldn't be a McIntosh amplifier without those trademark blue Watt meters lighting up the front.

The MC312 uses McIntosh's proprietary Autoformer tech, which is a special transformer designed in-house at McIntosh. The technology allows virtually all of the amp's full power to be delivered to almost any speaker, regardless of impedence.

It also features McIntosh's exclusive Monogrammed Heatsinks, an eco-friendly power management system which also sees direct LED backlighting used on the front panel for improved colour accuracy.

At £9995, the MC312 isn't exactly cheap, so you might want to consult our list of the best stereo amplifiers for some more affordable options.


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McIntosh MC312

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