M&K Sound V+ subwoofers are THX Certified for pro performance

M&K Sound V+ subwoofers are THX Certified for pro performance
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M&K Sound has launched a range of new compact subwoofers, and while they might be small, they promise to pack a pro-level punch.

The V+ Series comprises three models: the V15+, V12+ and V10+. Each's name corresponds to the size of its driver, so the range-topper has a 15-inch driver. The V15+ and V12+ have earned THX Certification too, meaning that given the right conditions, they can achieve professional cinema reference levels.

The V15+ achieved THX Certified Ultra status when used in a pair, while the V12+ is THX Certified Select. That means in order to hear pro-grade audio, you need to use a pair of V15+ in a room of up to 3000 square feet in size, and the V12+ as a solo sub in a room of up to 2000 square feet.

The V+ Series has the edge on M&K's standard V Series subwoofers in terms of power. The V12+ packs 400W over the V12's 300W, while the V10+ offers 300W to the V10's 200W. Both of these models have had their deep bass frequency extended from 25Hz on their predecessors down to 20Hz, too, while the V15+ is the V family's first 15-inch driver enclosure.

Inside each sub are single drivers with newly treated, reinforced paper cones in sealed, anti-resonant enclosures, Class D amplifiers and M&K's proprietary 'front end' input stage. You can tweak the sound from the V15+ and V12+ using the M&K App on your smartphone, too.

Design-wise, they offer new curved and tapered external housings, along with newly developed and magnetised front grilles. All three come in a black satin finish, while the V10+ and V12+ also come in white satin. They're available from next month, with the V15+ costing £2695 ($3199, AU$3499), the V12+ £1795 ($1899, AU$2999) and the V10+ £1295 ($1499, AU$2499). 


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