Luxman launches flagship integrated amplifier: L-509X

The L-509X is a 120-watt-per-channel class A/B integrated amp combining circuitry from Luxman’s high-end amplifier series, notably its C-900u pre-amp and M-700u power amp.

It features a large (600VA) power transformer and is equipped with: MM/MC phono stage, four unbalanced and two balanced inputs, plus recording, preamplifier and 6.3mm headphone outputs.

Anyone familiar with the hi-fi brand (one of the oldest around, founded in 1925) won't be surprised to see the symmetrical chassis design of the blasted white front panel centres on a striking pair of VU meters, as well as on aluminum dials for 88-step volume control and source selection.

The unit comes with an aluminum-finished remote control, which can also control the company’s compatible CD players.

While by no means the brand's priciest product, the L-509X (available now) costs £8500.


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