Lord Of The Rings tops consumers' Blu-ray wishlist

The OnePoll survey was taken by 1500 people who, perhaps unsurprisingly, seem to favour taking a look at a classic, highly-charged action movie in HD.

It's all in the name of TDK, formerly of blank tape fame, now hoping to be of blank Blu-ray fame, and the launch of the company's Life On Record Trailer in Covent Garden.

This is a gallery devoted to showing the history of recording media, which finishes with a look in to the future with, we all hope, Blu-ray recording.

The TDK Life On Record Trailer is currently on 'a European Tour', and will be in London's Covent Garden from 10am to 10pm on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th September.

Still, back to Blu-ray, and which film would you like to see released on the HD format?