Loewe TV
Punters can now enjoy up to £350 off a new Loewe LCD TV, if they have an old set to trade in, as part of the latest sales promotion

Loewe customers are being invited to trade-in their old TV when they purchase a new Loewe LCD, in a nationwide sales promotion lasting until the end of June.

Retailers across the country have introduced the new promotion that Loewe hopes will act as an incentive for UK households to upgrade.

Customers bringing in an old Loewe set when buying their new TV can enjoy a discount of £350, whereas those exchanging non-Loewe products can still expect a discount on their new set of £250.

Both the traded-in television and the new Loewe set must be a 32in set or bigger to qualify for the discount.

For more information on Loewe products and this current promotion visit the Loewe website.