LG wants to sell an OLED TV every minute

Kwon says that LG wants to sell five times more OLED TVs in the second half of 2015, with a goal of shifting one every minute. He cited four ways in which the LG could achieve this: expanding its OLED TV lineup; improving marketing campaigns to raise awareness; strengthening its smart TV platform; and enhancing profitability in the audio video product segment.

LG unveiled new 4K OLED TVs at IFA 2015 to join the current lineup. The new screens come in both flat and curved versions, support Ultra HD and are HDR-enabled. HDR (high dynamic range) was a buzzword at IFA last week, with many TV manufacturers citing it as the next big thing in TV technology.

The company made a strong pitch for OLED at its press conference, saying that LCD screens are old news and that OLEDs are the future. It went on to say that HDR goes hand-in-hand with OLED's inherent strength in picture contrast and dynamism.

Until this year’s IFA, LG was the only manufacturer spearheading OLED TV production, but Panasonic has since come out with a set of its own. While it’s a tentative step from the Japanese manufacturer, LG appears to be charging ahead.

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