LG launches 77-inch curved 4K OLED TVs

LG has officially launched the world's first curved Ultra HD 4K OLED TVs in the UK, coming in 65-inch and 77-inch variants.

The TVs were first revealed at CES at the start of the year but now have official UK release dates and prices.

The 65EC970V and 77EC980V combine 4K and LG's proprietary WRGB OLED screen technologies into one, svelte curved form factor.

LG's Colour Refiner automatically controls the colour temperature of each individual pixel, which aims to deliver "superior consistency and balance".

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LG has also included its own True 4K Engine Pro which claims to upscale SD, HD and Full HD to near-4K quality. Error-correction aims to prevent blurred images from the upscaling process, too.

The new curved LG TVs also benefit from both H.264 and HEVC H.265 codecs, meaning they're currently futureproof for viewing 4K content from video streaming sites such as Netflix.

LG's webOS smart TV platform is installed on the TVs, too, and you can read our first impressions of that OS in our LG WebOS TV hands on review.

The 4K OLED TVs are due out in October, and the LG 65EC970V will cost £6000 while the 77EC980V will be a cool £20,000.

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by Max Langridge

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