KOREA: Samsung makes a £250m investment to boost LCD panel production

Samsung Tangjeong

The company will be investing 484.6bn won, or almost £260m, at its Tangjeong plant, which currently makes LCD glass at the rate of 60,000 units a month. Once the new equipment is in place, which it's expected to be during 2010, that capacity could rise by up to 30,000 units a month.

Samsung also makes eighth-generation LCDs in its joint venture with Sony, S-LCD, that line having a capacity of some 140,000 units a month.

Eight-generation LCD glass produces panels 2.2x2.5m, and can yield 18 32in panels; Samsung also runs, or has plans for, both ninth-generation or tenth-generation glass, the latter giving 28 32in panels or 15 42in displays.

There are also plans for an eleventh-generation line, using glass 3.2x3.6m to yield even larger screen sizes: one eleventh-generation substrate can give eight 70in LCD panels.

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