Korea 1bn LCDs
Two giant companies now account for almost half of worldwide TV display market, and output is still accelerating

Both Samsung and LG Display have announced significant milestones in their large-panel LCD business: each has now passed the 500 million screen mark, and their production rates are still increasing.

The two Korean companies started making LCD panels in 1995, but it took ten years for Samsung to make its first 100 million screens. Since then the records have been coming thick and fast, cumulative sales reaching 200m in 2007, 300m in 2008 and 400m last year.

Total Samsung sales of LCD panels were 130m last year, and last month it made its 500-millionth panel. In fact, it's now making 100m panels a year, meaning that it now sells as many screens in a year as it sold in its first ten years in the business.

The company also sold 41m LCD TVs last year, accounting for about a quarter of the global total, and keeping it in the market-leading position it has now occupied for two years.

Meanwhile LG announced it hit the 500m LCD panels sales mark last Friday, February 12. Together with Samsung's output, that means Korea has 49.4% of the worldwide display panel market.

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Second is Taiwan, with 41.2%, while Japan has 5.4% and China 4.1%.

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