Klipsch announces four new subwoofers to accompany its Reference Premiere speaker line

Klpsch reference subs
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American audio band Klipsch is releasing four brand-new subwoofers designed to match the power, performance and aesthetics of its Reference Premiere speakers. These new subs are described as by Klipsch as "hyper-efficient with the optimal balance between amplifier power, driver capability and cabinet volume", and each model differs in both power and price, meaning you can pick the one that best suits you and your system.

All four subwoofers use a front-firing spun copper Cerametallic driver, which Klipsch claims will provide remarkable depth into the lower frequencies while avoiding distortion. These new subs also include an integrated high-efficiency amplifier with an analogue preamp design that features an original signal path. Klipsch states that this allows for a cleaner, true-to-source reproduction.

Onto the Class D output stage, which Klipsch has designed to ensure optimal efficiency and which in turn produces "maximum output, detail and low-frequency power". As part of this, Klipsch has included its proprietary internal geometry, including a new Aerofoil slot port, which the audio brand reports will help to lessen port noise, and therefore produce cleaner and less distorted low frequencies. 

Finally, Klipsch highlights the pair of inputs on these subs, with both an RCA physical connection and WA-2 wireless input that can be used in tandem. This means you can connect one of these new subs to multiple speaker systems in a room – talk about versatility. 

Klpsch RP-1600SW

(Image credit: Klipsch)

Out of the four new subs, the RP-1000SW is the entry-level model, coming in at £899 / $749 (around AU$1630). This features a 10-inch woofer that is capable of outputting 600W peak power.

Next is the RP-1200SW, which costs £1099 / $999 (around AU$1990), and sizes up to a 12-inch woofer that can drive up to 800W peak power.

Upgrading again to the RP-1400SW, which retails for £1399 / $1399 (around AU$2540), gets you a 14-inch woofer and 1000W of peak power – are we starting to see a pattern?

Finally, there is the top-end model, the RP-1600SW. This sub costs £1849 / $1799 (around AU$3350) and features a 16-inch woofer with 1200W peak power.

All models apparently feature a high-quality build and premium materials. They're all finished in an anti-scratch ebony vinyl finish that gives the impression of real wood and covers the rather suave-looking rounded cube design. This is accompanied by shock-absorbing rubber feet, steel grille posts and a woven cloth grille that gives these subs the premium look and feel that you'd expect from the price. We can expect this quartet of new subs to hit store shelves in the UK via Klipsch's exclusive UK distributor, Henley, later this month, with further availability expected in April.


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