Klipsch's upgraded Reference Premiere speaker series covers hi-fi, AV and Dolby Atmos systems

Klipsch Premiere Pro
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Klipsch has unveiled the latest iteration of its high-end Reference Premiere series featuring significant upgrades across its comprehensive 11 model line-up. With prices ranging from £459 / $499 (around AU$803) to £2999 / $2998 (around AU$5250), the line-up includes models suitable for two-channel hi-fi and flexible multi-channel home cinema applications.

Now in its third generation, Klipsch's new Reference Premiere range retains the brand's typical style with ebony and walnut cabinet finishes housing its distinctive copper drivers and Tractrix horns. As there have been several notable technical upgrades, Klipsch has added two numerals to each product name to help distinguish them from their predecessors. The improved Reference Premiere range comes after the company also recently overhauled its more affordable Reference series of ten models, ranging from £275 ($299, AU$499) to £1499 ($1799, AU$2598). 

Klipsch RP-502S II surround speaker

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The new Reference Premiere series uses updated, larger versions of Klipsch's proprietary Tractrix horn technology which the company says will enhance high-frequency response and extension while producing a wider soundstage. 

Klipsch's signature copper Cerametallic woofers feature an all-new design with voice coils that are 70% larger and new aluminium shorting rings for improved power handling and reduced distortion. These drivers use a new motor structure that Klipsch claims delivers a better response with greater speed and accuracy, while extra bracing and division within the cabinets has been added to minimise unwanted vibrations. Klipsch says that these modifications refine aspects of the range's sound while retaining the key elements of the company's distinctive sonic signature that make it a cult favourite among its loyal fans.

Klipsch 8060FA II Floorstander with integrated up-firing drivers

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Alongside these upgrades sit core components of previous Reference ranges, such as Tractrix ports with inner flares to reduce turbulence for bass frequencies and Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) titanium tweeters.

The new line-up consists of four floor standing speakers (RP-8060FA II, RP-8000F II, RP-6000F II and RP-5000F II), two bookshelf models (RP-600M II and RP-500M II), three centre channels (RP-504C II, RP-404C II and RP-500C II) and two surrounds (the dual aspect RP-502S II and the multi-purpose RP-500SA II).

Klipsch 502S II Dolby Atmos surround

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The system is particularly suited to those interested in adding Dolby Atmos to their home cinema, whether starting from scratch or upgrading an existing set-up. The flagship RP-8060FA II floorstander includes integrated up-firing Atmos-enabled speakers, while the RP-500SA II module with a switchable crossover can be used as both an up-firing speaker topper or a wall-mounted rear surround.

All models in the Reference Premiere series are available now in the UK with prices as follows:

RP-8060FA II – £2999 (around $3775, AU$5250)
RP-8000F II – £1699 (around $2138, AU$2974)
RP-6000F II – £1449 (around $1824, AU$2535)
RP-5000F II – £1249 (around $1572 ,AU$2185)
RP-600M II – £729 (around $917, AU$1275)
RP-500M II – £599 (around $753, AU$1048)
RP-504C II – £729 (around $917, AU$1276)
RP-404C II – £549 (around $691, AU$960)
RP-500C II – £459 (around $577, AU$803)
RP-502S II – £899 (around $1131, AU$1572)
RP- 500SA II – £689 (around $867, AU$1205)


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