KEF announces five new subwoofers to suit a range of rooms and budgets

KEF KC92 in a living room next to floorstanding speakers.
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KEF has announced an array of brand new subwoofers – the standalone KC92 and four-strong Kube range – which aim to extend the low end of your favourite music and movies. 

Last week, we spotted a curious teaser on KEF's Twitter page hinting at a 'heart-thumping' new product coming soon. We weren't sure what to expect, debating amongst ourselves whether this would be a hi-fi or home cinema product, and whether the teaser video represented something bass-related. It looks as though we were on the right track, with five new subwoofers set to hit shelves later this month.

These subs all use KEF's Music Integrity Engine (MIE), the brand's proprietary Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithm which is said to ensure every component in KEF's new subs works in harmony. MIE powers the iBX Intelligent Bass Extension, which analyses the input signal and claims to allow the subs to keep their dynamics at any listening level.


KEF KC92 Subwoofer (Image credit: KEF)

The KC92 contains two 9-inch drivers which are laid out back-to-back. KEF claims this 'force-cancelling' layout reduces cabinet vibration and "maximises precision and detail."

It offers 1000W of Class D amplification, with a dedicated 500W amplifier for each driver. The subwoofer uses the company's patent-pending P-Flex Surround which is inspired by the intricate art of origami. KEF says the surround's pleated design "defies internal air pressure" so that the driver can move precisely. The brand also says the KC92 can produce frequencies as low as 11Hz. 

The five room-placement options allow the sub to be as flexible as possible and perform whether it is placed up against a wall, in a corner, in a cabinet or in open space. There is even a dedicated apartment mode which we assume will be kind to any neighbours below. 

The KEF KC92 is set to cost £2500 /$1999 / AUS$3800 and will be available in white gloss or black gloss.

KEF Kube Range

KEF Kube Subwoofers (Image credit: KEF)

Next up, there's the Kube line of subwoofers, available with 8-, 10-, 12-, or 15-inch drivers.

It features a 300W Class D amplifier and a sealed design which should help with positioning. On top of this, the subs offer a placement-dependent EQ and three room-placement options depending on whether it's up against a wall, in a corner, or inside a cabinet.

The subs offer a range of connections, including line-level and speaker-level inputs to suit being hooked up to a variety of different amplifiers. You can also get hold of the optional KW1 wireless subwoofer adaptor if you want to go down the cable-free route. 

The largest Kube 15 is set to cost £1149 / $1399 / AUS$2000; the Kube 12 is priced at £849 / $999 AUS$1650, the Kube 10 £749 / $799 $1450, and the smallest Kube 8 £599 / $599 / $1250.

KEF's KC92 and the new Kube range will be available for public order from 27th February, but myKEF members can order theirs earlier, from 20th February.


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