KEF teases new mystery product with 'heart thumping sound' – but will it be hi-fi or home cinema?

KEF Teaser
(Image credit: KEF)

KEF has posted a curious teaser video on Twitter, asking readers if they are "ready for heart-thumping sound?"

The animated clip shows metallic spheres laid out flat as they vibrate in formation, rising from their resting position and creating what resemble sound waves as the shot pans out. 

So, what exactly has KEF got hidden up its sleeves? The way the balls jump around in the animation reminds us of how Dolby Atmos sound is often visualised, but that's just speculation at this stage. 

KEF Teaser

KEF's latest teaser trailer shows metallic spheres vibrating in unison, creating waves as the shot pans out.  (Image credit: KEF)

It's no secret that KEF has been knocking it out of the park recently with numerous five-star, Award-winning wireless and standmount speakers, such as the LS50 Meta, LS50 Wireless II, and LSX II models. The brand also released its KC62 subwoofer not long ago.

Until we know what the animation is meant to represent, it's difficult to meaningfully guess what might be coming. Could it be another bookshelf speaker offering new features or suiting different settings to the aforementioned models? Or could we be treated to a product type we haven't seen from the brand yet? The words "heart-thumping" could refer to bass frequencies, perhaps KEF have another subwoofer or new low-end oriented tech in the pipeline? 

Time will tell what the company have in store for us. We have reached out to KEF for comment and will report back when we hear more information. Stay tuned!


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