Onkyo/Sotec E702A9
New computer combines Full HD LCD TV, Blu-ray Disc drive, Onkyo audio, iPod dock and twin TV tuners

Onkyo has launched a high-definition home entertainment PC on the Japanese market, complete with HD monitor, Blu-ray Disc drive, digital TV tuners and iPod dock.

The Sotec E702A9 is made by a company Onkyo bought up last year, allowing it to make its debut as a PC manufacturer, while bringing its audio experience to computer entertainment. It already makes audio components for a number of high-profile games consoles, but the Sotec acquisition allows it to take a more central role in computer-based home entertainment.

The computer has a 21.5-inch LCD with a 16:9 aspect ratio and a screen resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. It has a Blu-ray Disc drive and a full range of audiovisual features, including Sound by Onkyo speakers as standard.

There are also two digital terrestrial tuners  to enable the simultaneous recording of two programs, or watch one/record another operation.

The unit also has outputs to connect to other audio systems and a built-in iPod dock, and Onkyo is pricing it aggressively. Other Japanese manufacturers already have models with Full HD displays, but the E702A9 will undercut those by up to 40%, selling for Y180,000 (around £1300).