IFA NEWS: Q Acoustics preps style speaker package

Q Acoustics is displaying prototypes of a new ‘style’ speaker package at this year’s IFA show in Berlin.

The system comprises of a front ‘bar’ unit, two rears, and a subwoofer.

The front unit actually contains three speakers, and is designed to fit under a flat screen TV, either on the wall or fixed to a stand.

These speakers can be moved further apart so match the width of any telly, up to 50in. The wall bracket can also be adjusted for distance so that the speaker can sit flush with the front of the screen.

What’s more, the unit will even act as an IR repeater, allowing you to operate your carefully concealed equipment.

The thin rear speakers are described as the ‘next generation of NXT’. However, they’re designed to broadcast sound in a much wider arc, allowing for more flexibility with positioning.

In the demo we saw, the units were mounted only a few inches from the floor, to the left and right of the sofa. Q Acoustics has even considered the problems of fixing and wiring these speakers.

The single screw wall bracket means these can be mounted solo, and a sly panel on the front allows access to the cable terminals – neat.

Somewhat surprisingly, the 100w subwoofer is also wall-mountable. It’s a fairly compact unit, which also has a panel for hiding all of the wiring.

The unit should launch around November, priced at approximately £600. Pictures to follow....