Philips Essence TV
Philips has announced its slimmest-ever flatscreen TV range and much anticipated 42in LED Lux Backlight model at IFA in Berlin

Philips today unveiled its slimmest-ever TV range, called Essence, which is specifically designed for wall-mounting - the way 40 per cent of consumers now want to install their set, according to the company.

The Essence strips out the innards of a traditional TV and uses a dedicated Connectivity Hub, which is connected via a single lead. The idea is that the box can be hidden out of sight, and the TV becomes so thin and light it can be hung 'like a picture' according to Phillips. A 2 x 15 watt sound bar is attached to the TV but can also be removed for minimalist wall mounting.

Based around Philips's '9000 range technology, Essence uses Perfect Pixel HD Engine technology and has a claimed 50000:1 contrast ratio. The 42in Essence will cost 2,500 Euros

The other major innovation announced by Philips a IFA was its much anticipated 42in LED Lux Backlight TV which has a claimed contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1, offering better contrast and deeper black levels.

Using LED technology, Phillips also claims a 45 per cent power consumption reduction compared to sets of a similar size. Comparing the set to a Panasonic plasma, Philips claims the Lux Backlight offers deeper black levels using LED technology.

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The first challenge for LED backlight is making it affordable, said a Phillips spokesperson: the 42in LED Lux will cost 3000 Euros.

More information, including new Ambilight model details and release dates will follow soon, direct from Phillips's IFA press conference tomorrow.

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