Philips BDP9500
BDP7500 and BDP9500 join the range, with slimline looks and comprehensive specification

Philips is expanding its Blu-ray player line-up. On top of the already-announced Cinema 21:9-partnering BDP9100, the company's talking-up the BDP7500 and BDP9500.

The BDP7500 has all the specs you'd expect, as well as BD Profile 2.0, DivX Ultra certification, and Subtitle Shift to ensure subtitles don't go missing if you're using a Cinema 21:9 display.

The BDP9500 adds a very smart-looking aluminium housing, a Qdeo video processor and Burr-Brown DACs. Expect both models to hit our shores in early 2010.

The SoundBar range is also getting the Blu-ray treatment in the form of the HTS8160B and HTS8161B. These two models are the same except for the finish (black and white respectively) and deliver HD audio in AmbiSound style using the unit's six drivers and a separate subwoofer.

These models aren't yet confirmed for the UK, but we'd be surprised if they didn't make it over.