Silicone, titanium and carbon fibre to feature in Sleek Audio's new high-end in-ear headphones - and they use Kleer Audio wireless tech, too

If you're after a premium pair of in-ear headphones, you'll have another high-tech option to consider come November, when Sleek Audio's SA7 designs hits the UK, priced at £350.

The American manufacturer - who both designs and bullds its buds in the US - has turned to miltary contractors for the technology behind this wireless-capable model.

From drones to 'phones

So the SA7's  carbon-fibre sidings are from a company that more normally shapes the material for drone aircraft. In headphone terms, that means a lightweight but tough casing for the electronics, which are in a dual-armature driver configuration.

The drivers are wrapped in silcone under that carbon-fibre shell, which in turn is secured via titanium fixings.

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Tune your tunes

Sleek claims the SA7s are designed to offer "striking clarity, with brilliant highs, strong mids and accurate, powerful bass'.

To tailor the sound to suit your ears (and music), Sleek's VQ Tuning system allows for a range of audio tweaks.

The SA7s are also claimed to block out 'more the double the ambient noise' of noise-cancelling headphones, thanks to their Environmental Sound Control feature.

Wireless or wired

The SA7s can be used in either wired or wireless mode - with the latter being powered by the Kleer Audio lossless transmission technology that's impressed us in a range of recent products.

We look forward to testing the Sleek Audio SA7s as soon as possible. 

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