HMV sale
There are more hot bargains in the HMV sale, with Blu-ray discs from £7, DVD boxsets from £5 and individual DVDs from £3

Still looking for some post-Christmas bargains? HMV is offering DVD boxsets from just £5, individual DVDs from £3 and Blu-ray discs from £7 in its January sale.

Deals include the Bladerunner, Final Cut: Ultimate Collection for £5.99, the Godfather Trilogy for £12.99, Rocky: Complete Saga for £9.99 and Star Wars: Prequel Trilogy for £14.99.

Individual DVD films in the sale include Slumdog Millionaire for just £3.99, Monsters vs Aliens for £4.99, Watchmen: 2 DVD Special for £6.99 and Quantum of Solace: 2 DVD Special for £4.99.

And if you want to boost your Blu-ray collection how about the Band of Brothers boxset for £17.99, Leon: Director's Cut for £7.49, Batman Begins for £10.99 (or Dark Knight at £12.99) and the BBC's Earth for £6.99?

For these and many more offers visit the HMV website.

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