Toshiba SD-390
Richer Sounds has slashed its prices on Toshiba's range of DVD players

Yes, we know all the talk is about Blu-ray and high definition these days, but there are still millions of DVD discs out there in people's homes.

If you're looking for an affordable player, perhaps for a second room, Richer Sounds has just slashed its prices on Toshiba's range of DVD players.

The entry-level SD-190 is now just £19.95, while the SD-380 and five-star SD-390 models are both selling for £29.95 (the latter was £70 when we first tested it). You'll have to buy in store to get the discounts.

If you can stretch your budget a bit further, there are Philips, Sony, Samsung and Onkyo players available at a range of prices from £40-£80.

Check out the details on the Richer Sounds website.

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