Hisense’s 2024 Mini LED TV lineup promises flagship specs at affordable prices

Hisense U8N
(Image credit: Hisense)

Hisense has announced its 2024 range will launch in the UK early this month.

There will be four new series of Hisense TVs hitting shelves, including the Mini LED U8N, U7N, and U6N models. There’s also the E7N Pro, which is Hisense’s newest gaming TV.

Hisense says that its new TVs should offer an impressive audio performance, with some models boasting multi-channel surround and built-in subwoofers. These latest sets include features including an AI Sports Mode, which is said to enhance motion clarity, and AMD FreeSync Premium, which is designed to reduce input lag and latency issues.

The U8N is available in 65 and 75-inch models, prices starting from £1799. The 65-inch model is said to feature 1600 Full-Array Local Dimming zones, while the 75-inch version is stated to hold over 2000 zones. It includes Hisense’s proprietary Hi-View Engine Pro, which is said to use real-time frame-level analysis to optimise each scene visually. It also offers a Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro feature which is designed to automatically adjust the contrast and brightness of the picture based on your viewing environment. This model will also support 144hz VRR for a smooth and consistent gaming experience.

The U7N comes in five screen sizes: 55, 65, 75, 85, and 100 inches. It also features Hi-View Engine Pro and Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro with prices starting at £1299. Up next is the U6N, which comes in 50 to 75-inch variants with prices starting at £799. It includes a Hi-View Engine at the core of the TV’s processing alongside an Adaptive Light Sensor feature, which is said to adjust the screen's brightness to suit the room you’re watching in. 

Moving on to the E7N Pro, a new model marketed towards gamers in particular. It will be available in sizes 55 to 100 inches starting at £999. It offers a 144Hz Game Mode for an improved gaming experience. It also includes an AI Adaptive Depth feature, which is said to adjust your depth perception dynamically, alongside Ultra Motion technology which should eliminate unwanted blurring. 

The launch of these new models also means Freely TV will also be arriving in tow. As we previously covered in our hands-on demo with Freely, Hisense is the first manufacturer to have Freely built into all its new 4K models and is the official launch partner for the new service. 

Freely is a new way to stream shows and movies on your TV for free in the UK and is available via wi-fi without the need for an aerial. The new service has been put together by Everyone TV, a joint venture between BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5. It looks like a big upgrade over Freeview Play and existing free TV services in the UK and offers some ‘firsts’ for free TV, including the ability to pause and restart live shows. Everyone TV also stated the service has the potential to be upgraded and improved over time, something which Freeview sorely lacked. 

Hisense also shared more information on a few projectors and laser TVs, including the C1 Smart Projector, the L9, the PL1, and the PX2-PRO.


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