Hisense claims its ULED (Ultra LED) TV tech can deliver a picture that’s “as good as OLED”...

Speaking at a recent press event, Hisense said it had developed and used ULED to give consumers the picture quality of OLED TVs, but at a fraction of the price.

Hisense’s ULED technology combines four main features: high dynamic contrast, a 240-zone, full-array backlight with local dimming, quantum dot technology, and backlight scanning, all of which are claimed to improve performance.

The curved 65XT910 boasts 4K resolution and is available to buy now for £2400. We’ll be bringing you our full review of the 65XT910 just as soon as it hits our test rooms...

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Good stuff!

Good stuff!  

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Wait and see

Hisense are good value. They deliver big pictures at a good price. The quality of the picture is dreadful though. I stood in front of one of their giant full hd sets and the best way I can describe the picture is, if you can imagine a 55" screen being zoomed in on to accommodate an 80" screen. There seemed to be so much space between the pixels.

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Value for money

The Chinese can undercut any manufacturer in prices from steel, 3rd gen' fighter jets for export,airlines,solarpanels etc.
Glad they are in the UHD market to shake up the kor and japs stronghold. THEY WILL EXPAND 4K MARKET FURTHER IN THE 65 INCH SIZE RANGE

Now you know why their own market in China is so impenetrable to foreign TVs