The latest generation of the Audi TT features the company's brand new 'virtual cockpit,' and brings more of a driver focus to in-car entertainment.

We've had a chance to get hands on with the new set-up and also have a listen to the TT's optional Bang & Olufsen sound system.

It comes as part of the Audi's £1600 'Comfort and Sound' package, and features 12 speakers and 680W of power.

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Gareth Moore's picture

Not good for passenger

I like the idea of having a more functional display but not having one which your passenger can see or operate is not good. Often my partner changes the music which she wouldn't be able to do in this.

Andy Madden's picture

It really depends how

It really depends how involved they get. If it's skipping track on the CD player or streaming music over Bluetooth, it's not too bad, but if they want to start scrolling through radio stations and different menus, things could get a little heated...

spiny norman's picture

Audi cockpit

Never was the term 'cockpit' more appropriate than in this vehicle Wink