Grado launches e Series headphone range

Grado has introduced its new e Series of headphones.

The new range is the third generation of Grado headphones and marks a complete overhaul of the preceding i Series, including the classic, award-winning SR80i cans.

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In designing the new range, Grado claims to have rethought every single component and material – right down to the glue that's used – to achieve "unparalleled dynamics and sonic fidelity".

Grado has made several improvements to the magnetic field by modifying the magnetic motor structure to provide "greater symmetry throughout the full movement of the voice coil".

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Other refinements have been made within the headphone housing to prevent resonance affecting the driver and of course in turn the sound.

Vice President of Marketing, Jonathan Grado, said of the new range : "'s as if a curtain has been pulled away from my favourite tracks. The sound is so clear it's hard for me to enjoy music on anything else." Bold claims, then.

The new Grado e Series headphones are available now, with prices starting from £80 for the SR-60e and stretching up to £1700 for the PS1000e.

The full list of new model numbers and prices is as follows:

Grado SR-60e - £80

Grado SR-80e - £100

Grado SR-125e - £150

Grado SR-225e - £200

Grado SR-325e - £300

Grado RS2e - £500

Grado RS1e - £700

Grado PS500e - £600

Grado GS1000e - £1000

Grado PS1000e - £1700

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by Max Langridge

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