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The tech giant’s smart speaker isn’t being very smart…

In the last couple of days, the Google Home and Google Home Mini smart speakers have been responding to commands with "there was a glitch" or "sorry, something went wrong", as reported by the BBC.

A Google spokeswoman also recognised the malfunction is affecting Chromecast dongles too.

On Twitter, Made by Google (@madebygoogle) publicly acknowledged the outage yesterday evening and just after midnight today (28th June), and said a fix for Home and Chromecast would “automatically roll out within the next 6 hours”.

To get it back up and running, users must reboot their device – which appears to be working for many.

Google hasn’t disclosed a reason for the glitch, although coincidentally it started just a day after the Home launched support for Spanish-language commands.

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My Home Mini got unplugged

My Home Mini got unplugged and thrown in a drawer months ago. Kept reading the news out without being asked to as it was listening to (and mis-hearing) the TV and was totally useless at answering any question put to it apart from utterly pointless stuff like 'what's the time?' or 'what's the weather?'. Frequently got the latter wrong, too!