FinkTeam expands speaker range with €10k Kim standmounters

FinkTeam expands speaker range with €10k Kim standmounters
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FinkTeam’s portfolio, until now, stretched to just two loudspeakers, the €65,000 (about AU$110,000) WM4 and the €24,000 (about AU$45,000) Borg. The company has now unveiled its third speaker, which also happens to be its cheapest, the €9950 (AU$18,995) Kim standmounter.

The speaker is a two-way reflex design that uses an 8in paper cone woofer, oversized magnet, and distinctive AMT (Air Motion Transformer) tweeter provided by OEM supplier Mundorf. The cabinet has been designed “with everything needed to avoid unwanted radiation from the box” and also includes a crossover with high-quality parts.

With Kim, FinkTeam (the most important speaker company you've never heard of) has tried to design a speaker that can fit into living spaces more seamlessly and not stand out. This is why the speakers are no taller than your average window sill, table, or chair.

The cabinet walls are made from two panels, sandwiched together with special damping glue. Internal bracing is optimized and resonators have been added to remove the effect of standing waves.

Kim is a single-wire design. FinkTeam is of the opinion that one good cable sounds better than two, so you're better off using your budget on quality single runs. There's plenty of flexibility built into the speakers too, with the ability to adjust both tweeter level and subwoofer damping to get the best balance for your stereo amplifier.

Because of the relatively low height, the speakers sit on dedicated stainless steel stands, which tilt the cabinet to place the soundstage at the correct height. You also have the ability to adjust the angle depending on how far away you're sat from the speakers. The stands come supplied with the speakers, so there's no hidden cost.

Liking the look of the FinkTeam Kim? The standmounters are set to go on sale in August.


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